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Skinner Park currently has a one room field house that was originally built in the 1950’s.

Current Skinner Park Field House

While the Skinner Park Advisory Council was able to successfully advocate for the reopening of the Whitney Young PE building so that the park district can offer park programs for the community, there are waiting lists for many of the programs currently.  Park patrons have requested programs that Skinner Park do not have the space to offer indicating that a new field house is needed to better serve the needs of our growing community.

As part of the Chicago Park District’s commitment sustainable practices, all new field houses have green roofs.   The Skinner Field House Committee has taken this a step further and requested that the new field house roof be a totally usable green space featuring either community garden plots and/or ornamental gardens for community use .

The Skinner Park Field House Planning Committee comprised of neighborhood residents developed this community feedback survey to capture community preferences for the proposed new field house and the enhanced programming that the new facility will accommodate. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the new field house, programming and surrounding amenities meet the needs of our vibrant, urban community, long into the future.

Help to create and program the new field house by taking the field house survey.  The results of this survey will be shared with representatives from the Chicago Park District and your feedback will directly influence decisions made about the new facility, as well as the programming/classes that will be conducted within the park/facility.

If you have any questions about this project and/or the survey please contact or the members of the fieldhouse committee. Hard Copies of the survey will also be available at Skinner Park ( current field house ) 1331 W. Monroe starting on May 17, 2017.

Currently, we expect to collect survey responses thru the first week of June 2017 and have survey results summarized and analyzed around late June.

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Skinner Park Field House Planning Committee

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